Top Countries That Use Pirated Softwares

Software piracy is a biggest crime in cyber world and rapidly increasing all over the world and especially in third world countries. Global software piracy reached a record level of 59 USD Billion dollars last year. Software piracy is one of the biggest enemies to all software brands throughout the world. Most of the companies are out of business due to software piracy because they lost their brand identity and protection.

Given below are the top ten countries that are highly involved in software piracy in every respect either its using pirated software or producing pirated software etc:

Vietnam: Vietnam is on first position globally where software piracy is at its boom. In Vietnam 97% software’s loaded into PCs are pirated. Vietnam is biggest market of pirated software’s all over the world.

China: China is biggest population in the world but at second position in using the pirated software’s and almost 95% software’s installed in PCs are pirated.

Indonesia: Indonesia is on 3rd world country and also on at 3rd position globally in using the pirated software’s and almost 92% software’s installed in PCs are pirated.

Pakistan: Pakistan is at 4th position in using the pirated software’s and almost 86% software’s in Pakistan are pirated. Check details about software piracy in Pakistan.

Thailand: Thailand is at 5th position worldwide with 82% software’s used in Thailand are pirated.

Philippines: Philippines is third world country and at 6th position worldwide and 77% software’s used are pirated.

India: India is emerging IT industry in world but still using pirated software’s and almost 65% software’s in PCs are pirated.

Hong Kong & Taiwan: Hong & Taiwan both are sharing 8th position worldwide by using pirated software’s and their percentage is 59.

Singapore: Singapore is at 9th position and 52% software’s loaded into personal computers are pirated.

Australia: Australia is at 10 position globally due involving in software piracy with 33%.


Online shopping changing the structure if living; on same income

Online shopping is not only restricted to any specific group of people it is in general group where people gather to enjoy online shopping. Through online shopping the user can access information regarding different needs ahead but also can enjoy discounts with the best of quality or services. Needs can doffer from person to person and living style as well.

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Taking about advancement in life television plays as to be one of the factors as well, term along with the time factor has been modified. People now are using HD to make it easier and enjoy luxury; Sony is the name that can attract customers. Sony world Lahore is place from where you can shop all related things. Latest technology at its best can be best with Sony picture quality to be the standard. provides customers with desired products and services so keep suggesting and we will make it possible.

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Islamabad is among the most beautiful cities of the world and since its expansion a lot of changes occurred in Islamabad. Now with more development the population is also increasing rapidly, with more population many new restaurants and hotels are opened in Islamabad and many international hotels and fast food restaurants had opened their outlets in the city. Now the night life is changing in Islamabad and more people hang out with their friends and family members till late night. A restaurant which offers some unique taste and at the same times ambient atmosphere with reasonable prices it is quite hard to find in the city of Islamabad. is making it easier for you by bringing deals on all top restaurants of Islamabad which everyone can easily afford; now with you can enjoy deal for your favorite restaurant on huge discounts. which is a new concept for online discounted shopping in Pakistan, offers discounted deals for the people of Islamabad. They have offered unexpected deals on all daily routine items, which even one can’t think off. You can find deals for all your daily routines items like clothes, electronic accessories, salons, restaurants, hotels etc. Now more deals are queued for you, there are many upcoming deals on

Addiction Cafe Islamabad is one of the best restaurants in the city; a creative place having 3 Halls with excellent environment that can provide all expectations for those customers who wish to enjoy cool atmosphere. It may be considered as a costly place to be at with family and friends. But now with you will be able to enjoy its menu at amazing discount rates.

American Steak House Islamabad is among the best family restaurants in Islamabad, where you can enjoy quality service and can have their delicious steaks and ribs hot off the grill, juicy burgers and handcrafted sandwiches, baked and fried seafood and chicken dishes, mozzarella sticks and clam strips served with authentic Italian marinara sauce as well as popcorn shrimp, clam strips and the famous American Steakhouse wings served in a quiet good atmosphere. But don’t want you to miss a chance of having dinner at such a good place with your love one or family members, you can enjoy discounted deal for American Steak House at

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Stoneage Islamabad is one of its best brands known internationally, it is a brand known for its versatile stylish dresses, charming collection, glossy denim designs and urban jeans clothing. All that you will find in apparel store, you will get it at Stoneage emphasized with style and class.

0 comments best online shopping portal to bring huge discounts in Pakistan

Online shopping in Pakistan was in fact started about a decade back by some IT-professionals in Pakistan. But still the online shopping trend is very new to Pakistani's, main reason is basically the trust factor as many of the fraudulent activates are done online, that’s why nobody wants to share his personal details online. So online shopping in Pakistan is a unique art mastered by very few people. As most of the people are even don’t know what actually online shopping is, you can ask yourself that if you bought something online from a website? The answer might be most probably no.

Online shopping is a limited and revered convenience in Pakistan. In Pakistan if you are looking for buying online things, you will only go at a well reputed website which you think is safer and have no fraud cases. There are several benefits of shopping from home in Pakistan as; first of all you get more choices than in any real time store secondly you get all the time to explore before buying. You can compare prices from different online stores and buy from the one with best prices. was on off the best online shopping portal for online purchases in Pakistan at huge discounted rates. is basically an online web portal for discounted deals in Pakistan. Its main focus is to provide customers a wonderful experience with each and every deal that they buy. So whether it's dinning out at your favorite restaurant or shopping at a big store or looking for some electronics accessories got a deal for you that can be enjoyed with both family and friends. Online shopping from Pakistan was a dream in the past because off too many frauds but now the time has changed and more and more people are getting indulged into online shopping in Pakistan. is one of the best places to shop online in Pakistan; you can trust them blindly, as they have launched some amazing deals on discount which Pakistani government can’t even do. To shop online was not as easy as it was now made by, you have plenty of alternatives to buy products at, and you can use your credit card, credit card, debit card, cash card, online banking, phone, groupin scratch cards and lot more. had made shopping in Pakistan so easy that you have to just click buy and select a payment mode and you can have product of your own choice with huge discounts. is also providing a platform to local merchants, who don’t want run any types of online shops in Pakistan, but want to attract more customers through internet. emerged as a Pakistani shopping online doorway to remove bargain system in customer seller relationships. is playing a significant role for promoting the culture of online buying in Pakistan. It is through that people can buy online in Pakistan daily routine items at a very low price and it is the best place of online shopping for Pakistan. Along with buying there is one other option available for customers to make money online, you just have to refer friends for the deal and if they buy deal through your reference Rs. 50 will be added to your account, that you can use for your future transactions on is the best online web portal in Pakistan that is providing such amazing deals on the things of daily routine. We are looking for some more amazing deals on with huge discounts and hope so that soon some more amazing deals will be live on We pray for team for making such efforts to help out people of Pakistan in such conditions where prices of commodities are talking to sky and they are working to bring these prices down so that everyone can purchase them. In the end few words for the team that they have done a nice job.

0 comments brings discounted deals for people in Islamabad

Islamabad is the capital and the tenth largest city of Pakistan. Islamabad is home to many immigrants from other areas of Pakistan and has a religious and cultural assortment of ancient times. The city is net contributor to the Pakistani economy, even having only 0.8% of the country's population; it contributes 1% to the country's GDP. Islamabad possesses the top literacy rate in Pakistan at 87% with a large number of public and private sector educational institutes. As most people in Islamabad are highly educated and have much more knowledge about online shopping then other backward areas of Pakistan. So, decides to promote online shopping in Islamabad with huge discount on all daily routine house hold items, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, health care, educational institutions and many others. had launched some marvelous deals for inhabitants of Islamabad with huge discounts and looking for some better deals in future. team main aim is to fight against inflation and more and more people can get benefit of the discounted deals. Groupin team wants to bring all things reachable for middle class people, which they can’t even think before. As people in Islamabad loves to dine out, so keeping this in mind team launched some amazing deals on famous restaurants and hotels in Islamabad which are well liked and highly appreciated by the people, current list of restaurants that they are looking to bring some amazing deal for are Envoy Continental Hotel Islamabad, subway Islamabad and savour foods Rawalpindi. People in Islamabad will soon get deals on these restaurants with huge discount. Similarly the people of Islamabad are too much brand conscious but sometime the brand out fits are very costly that they have to leave it even they liked that outfit a lot. wants to fulfill the dreams of the people to wear the outfit of their favorite brand, so that they don’t regret of having low income. Some deals of brands were launched by and they are on their way to launch some new and more exciting deals on Levis Islamabad and outfitters Islamabad. People are waiting for these deals and they don’t have to wait anymore, soon these deals will be live at

Standard of education in Islamabad is too good but is a little bit costly. Some people can’t afford their education expenses and have to leave their studies to meet their family expenses. is also focusing on this issue and looking forward to bring deals on educational institutions. The current list of universities that team is looking to bring some deals are of Bahria University Islamabad and Iqra University Islamabad. The deal might include discount on course fees, library, hostels, or on bus facilities. Groupin team is not just limited to universities; they are also looking for deals on other educational institutions, recently deal of IELTS preparation classes in Islamabad was launched and it got the attention of huge number of students and many of them said it to be a positive step in the field of education by groupin. One more deal in the queue is of fashion designing institutes in Islamabad, as many girls and boys are interested in this field. You can have deals on various designing courses including textile technology and designing, fashion illustration, sewing and draping, drawing fundamentals, pattern making and other designing techniques. deals are just not limited to restaurants and educational institutions; their aim is to bring deals on every necessity of life. Two more deals in the queue of team are of TCS courier service Islamabad. is planning to bring TCS Pakistan on board and make its services available for the users on good discounted prices. The other one is for the best music store in the city i.e. of High Volt Islamabad, it is a huge musical store located in F-8 Islamabad. The deal might be on all sorts of electronics such as navigation systems, home theaters, gaming consoles, accessories for instruments and shirts, ties, shoes and other Rock stuff merchandize, Music CDs and DVDs, to all sorts of music instruments including Drums, Guitars, Keyboards, Violin, Flute, Amps/ Effects, Percussions, Sitar, Tablas, Harmonica etc.

We all must appreciate team for making such efforts for fight against inflation. is always looking forward for suggestions and feedback from their valuable customers. You can suggest deals on of your own choice and can also make a discounted deal for your own business.

0 comments expanding onto Faisalabad, Sialkot and Gujranwala

The concept of group buying has really been appreciated all around the world, but from the last couple of years this idea has become so much popular among the masses in Pakistan. This electronic medium of shopping has given opportunity to the users a wide range of products at the price of their own choice. Hence shopping from home is yet another attraction for the people those who want to save their time. This is the basic reason that online shopping has become very famous internationally and now with the advent of, Pakistani people have also become familiar with this online shopping phenomenon. has been launched in Pakistan as an online discount shop in order to provide the best exclusive deals in your city. Through this unique online discounted portal people enjoyed a lot of items of their basic need on huge discounts leave pleasant effect on their lives while saving their hard earning with big price difference. After blockbuster success in twin cities and Lahore, is now moving towards other cities of Pakistan with its charming low priced deals. has facilitated its conspicuous consumers by presenting “suggest a deal” feature, here people can express their opinion by voting their required products, which they want to be on.

In this regard one of the next stops of is Faisalabad, which is the second largest economic hub in Punjab after Lahore. Being third largest city of Pakistan, the local and international brands including restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, boutiques and outlets are developing day by day. With efforts from groupin team all these products and services will now be available for the residents of Faisalabad on discount rates. Among the top deal, Groupin initially will focus on deals like Lasania Restaurant Faisalabad, Silver Spoon Restaurant Faisalabad and Sindbad Faisalabad

The same way Groupin is also seeking grounds to launch the discounted online portal in the city of Sialkot as well. Sialkot is situated near the Chenab River. 125 km north-west of Lahore and only few kilometers from the Indian controlled Jammu & Kashmir. Sialkot is also counted as the industrial hub of Pakistan. Like Faisalabad, Sialkot has numerous shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, boutiques and other industries. Shopping in Sialkot is never easy as there is a list of huge multinational and local brands. Sialkot is better known for Leather Tanneries, Garments, Musical Instruments, Sportswear including Martial Arts wear, Gloves, Badges, Seat and Walking Sticks, Cutlery, Hunting Knives, Air Guns and Shotguns etc. so it is the third biggest economic hub in Punjab after Lahore and Faisalabad. Online shopping in Sialkot will soon be real.

The Growth of Groupin is not restricted only for few cities. Groupin is planning to cover the entire country gradually. The basic purpose behind is to control inflation by providing discounted deals. So the next city in the list would be Gujranwala. Gujranwala is one of the fastest growing cities as a result of massive industrialization and commercialization. The economic growth in the city has made it one of the busiest cities in Pakistan. Having so many industrial units, a big business center and a lot of other commercial activities in the city, Gujranwala is getting populous day by day. Just like other big cities Gujranwala is also in front of problems like inflation and affordability, quality education and entertainments. Shopping in Gujranwala would be the real fun with group buying strategy. People living in Gujranwala are very much interested in having lunch and dinner in restaurants and cafes, so now they can avail discounted deals which would be the helping hand for them. For those people who are not been able to discover foodie places, which are bit expensive for dining. aiming to combat inflation across Pakistan  will soon be there in Gujranwala with some sensational discount deals on food, clothing, beauty parlors’, gadgets, educational services and a lot more. So, be ready for next venture of to taste the Online Shopping in Gujranwala.
Online shopping concept has already been covered through social media tools and besides the people living in Islamabad is enjoying the discounted deals in Islamabad and later on they spread this unbelievable news to their friends and relative living outside Islamabad. Groupin is looking forward to control inflation in Pakistan, so that needy people can be facilitated with luxury things. We as Pakistani’s have to stand up with the rest of the World. Online shopping is not only to save your wealth, but also improve your health and living standard. When the mind is contended your health automatically improves. As the concept of group buying is appreciated in the world same way it is cherished in Pakistan. Groupin team will be looking for the feedback from their valuable customers.

0 comments role with Karachi eating out trends

Karachi is renowned as the financial center of Pakistan, in other phrases it can be best characterize as the central nerve of Pakistan’s economy. Karachi is renowned as one of the largest earnings location in south Asia and very well advised as a major position for managing business. This foremost city of Karachi has habitually been in a harmony with the altering newest ongoing culture of the world. It is the aggregation of little enterprises in its vastness, which are habitually on a lookout to trial new modes to elaborate their business.

Therefore, numerous little and well established enterprises of Karachi are glimpsed availing the aid of online advancement and dealing sites to have online recognitions for their businesses. These creative and avant-garde dealing and acquainting services are so exorbitant that occasionally it will be tough for merchants to contend them up inside their restricted budget. In most positions merchants are incapable to juggle between their offline and online enterprise, and end up with too much cost.

Here is the pioneer of online enterprise in Pakistan which is responsible for the strong relation between merchants and the consumers. It is a stage which not only promotes merchant’s goods but at the same time aiding to the clients who are fed up of high charges and inflation. In this consideration we all understand that dining out with family has been a widespread custom amongst the Pakistani persons particularly in the metropolitan city Karachi for rather long ago. Experiencing new flavors is one of the best modes to relief your day to day tensions. The expanding rate of inflation in the Pakistan has made the pouches tight and general public generally are now avoiding going out. But needs you to enjoy all the top bistros and best entertainment in the city at smallest rates, so finds out new locations for persons to dine out.

Chatkharay restaurant Karachi is just like happy news in this consideration; it is a one of the best renowned and flourishing bistros which offers traditional Pakistani desi cuisine in a high class dinning environment. entails its conspicuous clients to figure out their yearned dishes form Chatkharay’s list and very shortly they’ll glimpse it reside on Another flourishing application on was Snack Attack Restaurant Karachi, established in the heart of the city which is a well liked place to travel for food lovers. Chinese nourishment is admired all over Pakistan due to its distinct flavor and wholesome components, couple of them are very well renowned and Yuan Tung Restaurant Karachi is one of them. With exclusive list items like Yuan Tung Hot & Sour Soup, Chicken Chilies with Vegetable, Prawn Fried Rice, Chicken and Prawn Chow Mien, it is one of most very well liked location of the citizens. Karahi Inn & Bar B Q Restaurant Karachi established at Clifton Block 2 offers mouth watering menu like barbecue/desi cuisine along with Garlic Naans, Tandoori paratha and numerous other Pakistani menu items. When we concern about eat-out locations in Karachi, the Café blue ginger Karachi is one of the best bistros in the town proposing some very delicious cuisines admired by most of people. Famous Chapal kababs are the specialty of KPK province, Sheikh Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House Karachi is one of the most well renowned consuming locations in Karachi assisting this vintage traditional cuisine of pathans in this metropolitan city. Kahva Café and Grill Restaurant Karachi established just on the edge of the Sindhi Muslim Food Street is one of its own kinds. With highly skilled chefs the bistros takes good care of the taste. Jan’s Broast Karachi is one of the well liked consuming locations in Karachi. This bistro is well renowned for suggesting new, delicious food in front of the customers, personalized and amicable services, and new kind of dishes. Ginoginelles Restaurant Karachi is very well renowned title in the food takeaway and delivery system in metropolitan city Karachi. They are the pioneers in food delivery; having been round since numerous years. Next outclass access of is Pizza King Karachi which is one of the titles in bistros offering Italian cuisines particularly pizza. The menu list encompasses Garlic Bread, Chicken Tikka pizza, Chicken Pepperoni Pizza, Kinng’s Supremo Pizza and numerous other pizza flavors. Here adds you a cooling choice for seeking Mexican food with a great taste. It’s Ole Restaurant Karachi, established at Zamzama, Defense Karachi; the restaurant is one of the new types of high-quality, gourmet restaurant. In this regard next well renowned title is Chairman Mao Karachi which is one of the large-scale titles in Chinese bistro well renowned not only for Chinese cuisine, but furthermore for Japanese and Thai food as well. Roasters Gourmet Coffee House and Grill in Karachi was constructed in 1992. The café caters for takeaway orders, business lunches and outside catering. Roasters food is made fresh every day and has a broad variety of food encompassing Roasters’ gourmet coffee, burgers, sandwiches, salads, desserts and beverages etc. Mr. Burger Karachi is another famous title in the queue of offers. From a variety of bistros and food locations in the city, Village Restaurant Karachi is one of the most well renowned one and is now proposing to bring the Village Restaurant for its trusted clients at a very affordable price., with its dynamic deals and taking exceptional care for the desires of its treasured clients, not only flourishing day by day in Karachi but furthermore inside the entire country. So numerous persons relished its astonishing discounted deals in past and still waiting its future exciting offers and its proved that is effectively fulfilling its promises.